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Have you ever looked for a simple guide to event room layouts?

The hard work is done and you have found a venue that fits nicely with your event now it is time to put the event together. The seating style for your delegates can be make or break to what they actually get out of your event. Here I will describe each Layout with accommodate at The Big Shed to try and help you choose your event layout.

Guide to event room layouts by Big shed conferences in Leicester

A simple theatre style layout

Theatre style

This is the simplest style which consists of chairs aligned in straight rows. This is the most efficient seating style for when delegates will act as an audience.

• Will get the maximum capacity from the room
• All seats face towards the speakers
• Hard for delegates to take notes
• Little group interaction

Good for – Announcement’s, Meetings & Product Launches


Cabaret style is where delegates are seated around round tables with an open end towards the stage. This allows the delegates a clear view of the presentations and/or speakers.

Big shed conference and meeting rooms in Leicester conference room 1

Board Room Layout

• Great for interaction with delegates around the table
• Easy for delegates to take notes
• Will need to hire a larger room as Cabaret takes up a lot of space
• Can cost more as venues may charge more for table and linen hire

Good for – Training sessions & Team workshops


Boardroom is an ideal layout for a smaller group who will spend most of the session talking amongst each other or listening to one or two speakers. When using boardroom a projector screen is usually not used however this is not always the case.
• Great for interaction between delegates as they all face inwards
• Good amount of space for work

• Doesn’t work for larger groups
• Not ideal for Presentations using AV equipment

Good for – Small meetings, Interviews, Discussion groups


The name says it exactly how the layout is. Chairs and tables arranged in a U-Shape with an open end and delegates facing inwards.

Big shed conference and meeting rooms in Leicester slideshow-08

U Shape Layout

• Having an open end gives a perfect presentation area
• Allows the speaker to engage with the delegates
• Interaction within the delegates is greater as they are facing each other

• Some delegates will be facing the of the presentation

Good for – Training seminars, Workshops, Conferences


A classroom layout emulates the seating found in schools. This consists of a trestle table in rows which 3 chairs behind each.

• All delegates face towards the speakers/Presentation
• Perfect for delegates taking notes
• Delegates are usually tightly squeezed in which leaves little room to enter or exit
• Room capacity is reduced by having the tables
• Delegates may not interact much as they are sat side by side

Good for – Training seminars,Exams,Lectures

We hope this guide to event room layouts has been useful, if you are looking for conference facilities give us a call on 0116 436 2442.

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